You have entered a toxin-free wellness environment committed to vegan, organic and sustainably harvested facial and body care products formulated to heal and transform health-challenged skin. Chemical peels, IPL, or aggressive techniques that wound the skin will not be found in the studio as my mission is to rebuild and support your skin, the largest organ of your body.

Facial Intake Form

The studio consciously uses environmental protocols that lessen damage to our fragile ecosystem.

The facial treatment room uses Osmosis Skincare that uses patented liposome delivery of nutrients to the dermis to effectively remodel skin without surgical intervention. Osmosis Skincare was approved by Oncology Esthetics® and can help fragile skin of patients undergoing chemotherapy and skin challenged by environmental toxins and stress. The studio carries the concentrated professional line of Osmosis Skincare for home use where one pump is sufficient for cleansers and Vitamin A transformational serums.

Services include TAMA BlueOnyx Quad Pro, Viennese Facial Massage, Japanese Gemstone Massage, Tibetan Ayurvedic Marma Massage, non-chemical peels, ultrasound and vacuum preparation of the skin for easier extractions, Celluma LED phototherapy, customized masques and serums.

Makeup application services include Kett Cosmetics Hydro airbrush makeup that is Silicone Free - Paraben Free - Fragrance Free - Cruelty Free and Oncology Esthetics®-approved Osmosis + Colour palette that offers bismuth-free true color foundations, shadows, and blushes. The studio carries professional Cozzette makeup brushes that are hand-crafted, 100% cruelty free.