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Skin Transformation - Thai Yoga & More

Introducing the VIP Monthly Holistic Facial Club at $99.00/per month that includes a 60-Minute Signature Facial with specialty masks, ampoules, and custom modalities, a $175.00 value. To keep skin at its optimum enjoy 10% off home skincare purchased in the studio or through my web store as a part of the VIP Monthly Holistic Facial Club.

The studio is open year round but many clients make tracks south as soon as the north wind blows. To keep supplied in Osmosis Skincare, Osmosis Colour, and Harmonized H2O when sand is between toes contact me so shipments can be sent directly without minimum requirements or shipping costs!

Asian techniques for the Wisconsin North Woods!

In Asia, the art and science of skincare has been studied for hundreds of years. There are many techniques of healing and restoration that are barely known outside of Asia. I have spent years in training to master these techniques, and I continue to study with Dr. Shogo Mochizuki, the 26th Generation Master of Kobido, from  Tokyo, Japan, in ongoing intensive workshops.

I specialize in the gentle healing of stressed and damaged skin. All transformative skin treatments are customized for each client.

BodyWorks offers a professional skincare line which is holistic, treating health-challenged skin conditions with gentle, natural yet potent serums. (Check out our online store to see some of our offerings).

The BodyWorks studio is furnished with care. A BioMat covers the facial table and it infuses the patient with a continuous flow of healing far-infrared rays and negative ion therapy, via amethyst and tourmaline crystals, as they receive their facial treatments.

The latest treatments for gentle repair that works

BodyWorks offers the latest in light therapy and surface skin treatments, which are proven to repair cell damage and rejuvenate the skin. (Follow the links for more information on each method)

The TAMA BlueOnyx Quad Pro repairs skin from the dermal layer. It is a bio-electromagnetic treatment device that mimics the electric frequencies in the body and skin cells, correcting skin cell activity which has slowed with age or damage, healing and rejuvenating facial muscles---lifting, toning, and encouraging cellular repair from the dermis.

The Celluma LED Phototherapy treatment smooths skin texture, improves skin firmness and resilience, increases the lymphatic system activity, restores the skin's natural cellular activity, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and superficial hyperpigmentation.

The ReZENerate Facial™ uses a proprietary handheld cosmetic tool which stimulate the body’s natural restorative properties to repair and regenerate cell structure. It heals skin damage from the external environment, reducing the appearance of blemishes and fine lines.

I am one of a growing number of Oncology Esthetics® (OE) certified practitioners in Wisconsin and am a member of the International Society of Oncology Estheticians.

Putting healthy makeup on your beautiful skin

Professional hi-def makeup services are available for on-site photo shoots. These services feature Kett Cosmetics Hydro airbrush makeup that is Silicone Free - Paraben Free - Fragrance Free - and Cruelty Free. 

My daywear line, Osmosis +Colour makeup, provides UV30 protection and natural stay-true color, while nourishing skin with vitamins and antioxidants. It is also Oncology Esthetics® certified.

Online scheduling

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call me at the number on this page, or contact me from the contact page.

Studio services are available Monday through Saturday 9:00 to 5:00 by appointment.

All 60- and 90-Minute sessions, whether a body therapy or skin transformation session, may book a full spectrum infrared sauna prior to the session for $25.00. Discount is taken at the register. Not available during the three weeks of summer in northern Wisconsin.

Check out the HealingGround Membership tab for complementary treatment room offerings.





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Phyllis Emma Wolf, COE, OMT, Dipl. A.B.T. (NCCAOM)

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